Safe Travels

This past Fourth of July weekend, I was speaking with a lawyer regarding a court case she had recently.  A child was in a hotel, pulled the drawer out to climb the dresser in the hotel room, and the television on top of the dresser fell on the child.  Sadly, that child did not survive.


When traveling with your family, it is important to note the safety conditions of the hotel room you are staying in.  Hotels are full of unrestrained televisions, end tables, dressers and night stands.  It is very much worth a conversation with the hotel manager regarding any unsafe conditions.  They, likely, are unaware of the safety hazards or have never given them much thought.  

Directing them to this website could not only help the hotel, but also greatly influence our impact and help our cause.  We are interested in saving children from tip-overs.  They can happen anywhere.  

Gravity happens.


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