Back to School Furniture Safety

Did you know tip overs don't end in the toddler years?  This back-to-school, protect your student with furniture anti-tipping anchors.


This year, my daughter is entering kindergarten (What??!).  My son will be entering the second grade (How??!!).  Time goes fast and before my husband & I knew it, we needed a space for them to do their homework.  The current set up of the dining room table just isn't going to cut it anymore.  So we're rearranging a space for them to work at.  This involves adding a desk for each of them, moving a bookshelf, and a dresser.  All of these items need to be restrained to the wall for their protection and for the protection of any other children that visit our home.  It's so comforting to know that when friends and family come to visit with a toddler, I have no concern of anything in any room tipping over on that child.  

If you're wondering where to start, there are tons of furniture restraints on the market.  My favorite restraints are these from Hangman Products.  They are incredibly sturdy and so easy to install.  They even posted a video of how to install them!  How easy is that?  

So before you turn your home upside down and move all sorts of furniture around to make space for this new chapter, please get some furniture restraints and secure that furniture to the wall while you're at it.  It will only add 5 to 10 minutes per item of furniture.  It is so easy to protect those little students we love so much! 

As always, please contact The Safe Child Project if you need any assistance.  


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